*V-Mina Lightening Intimate Gel (On Promotion)


Hygienic Lightening Gel with YoghurtExtract++TM Probiotic Benefit

Helps improve the V-Area to a fairer tone while maintaining good micro-flora balance, preventing growth of bad micro-organisms and sustaining the pH in the ideal range.

Enriched with:
Hyaluronic Acid for the youthfulness of the V-Area.
Scientifically Proven Natural Extracts for the fairer tone – mulberry root, saxifrage, grape & scutellaria root.

Suitable for use as and when necessary.

Clinically Tested Benefits.

Netto: 30ml

Made in Taiwan
In accordance with International GMP Standards

(Current stock expiry: July 2018)

SPECIAL: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE. Limited period only. While stocks last.

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