*V-Mina Feminine Cleansing Mousse


Feminine Cleansing Mousse with YoghurtExtract++TM Probiotic Benefit

Gentle yet effective cleansing mousse that helps maintain feminine area naturally clean and healthy while providing natural protection and benefits from YoghurtExtract++TM.

YoghurtExtract++TM is the functionally proven bioactive essence of Lactobacillus-cultivated yoghurt enriched with Prebiotic (L+SynbioticTM) and Vit B12, utilizes the Natural Probiotic Defense and Support Mechanism for a healthy micro-flora balance and ideal pH level.   

Enriched with:
Aloe Extract (soothes and moisturizes) and Lactic Acid (clears impurities, maintain healthy moisture).

Suitable for daily regular use.

Tested Benefit. Soap Free. No parabens, sulfates, alcohol or animal-source ingredients.

Netto: 100ml. (Provides up to 220 applications).

Made in Taiwan
In accordance with International GMP Standard

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